DKIM configuration for MailChimp

To help ensure your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes, set up custom DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication for your domain. Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft use DKIM as a way to scan incoming emails for spam or spoofed addresses. Emails that fail authentication are more likely to arrive in a spam or junk folder

After your email domain is verified, you’ll copy some important pieces of information in your Mailchimp account.

To find your domain’s authentication information, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Website icon.
    Cursor Clicks - Website icon
  2. Click Domains.
    Cursor Clicks - Domains

  3. Next to the verified email domain you want to work with click Authenticate.
    Account Settings Domains Emails AuthenticateButton

  4. In the Domain Authentication pop-up, we’ll show you what information needs to be added or changed with your domain provider.

  5. In another browser tab or window, use this information to edit your domain’s DNS record.

  6. Return to the Domains page in your Mailchimp account and click Authenticate Domain.

Publish three CNAME records for your custom domain in DNS

The DKIM CNAME are unique to every account and have below pattern.

Record TypeNameValue/DataITL
CNAME Recordk1._domainkey.yoursite.comdkim.mcsv.netDefault

The SPF component to be included in the existing SPF record of the mail domain.

Record TypeNameValue/DataITL
TXT Recordyoursite.cominclude:servers.mcsv.netDefault

Please refer to the below URL for further details:

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