Implement email authentication with PRODMARC

  •   Protect you Brand against impersonation
  •   Gain visibility of your email activities
  •   Improve Deliverability of Email
  •   Generate actionable threat intelligence


ProDMARC is a trustable and easy to use e-mail security product, carefully crafted for advancing business needs of organizations. We offer a 100% DMARC protection by blocking phishing attempts, notifying you the earliest and by lowering false positives to a 0%. Hence, increasing the productivity and deliverability of your organization.

4 Steps of DMARC implementation

Step 1

Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Step 2

Enforce DMARC policy reject unauthenticated email.

Step 3

Maintain a protected, reputable brand.

Step 4

Enable DMARC Verification on your email getaway.

Salient features of ProDMARC



Visualize the DMARC reports and exactly pinpoint the issue and automatically assist you in moving to Reject mode.

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Investigate Feature

Use Investigate feature to check the issues DMARC, SPF and DKIM record by just simply sending a email.

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Dynamic Alert

Dynamic alerting in case of threshold breach of existing senders or alert an ongoing attack.

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Timeline Feature

Timeline feature that monitors the DMARC and SPF record and alert in case of any changes.

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